WELCOME TO NASHVILLE Take the chance to accompany Alexzandra on a real adventure. In collaboration with Big Travel, Alexzandra Wickman and Kalle Moraeus organize an exclusive trip with extraordinary good music and food to the musical metropolis number 1 - Nashville, Tennessee. Read more...
Alexzandra Wickman returns as a songwriter in melodifestivalen In 2017 Alexzandra debuted as a songwriter in Melodifestivalen with the song 'Himmel och Hav' for artist Roger Pontare. She returned in 2018 with the song "Min Dröm" performed by Kalle Moraeus. Boths songs are written together with Thomas G:son.
ALEXZANDRA WICKMAN TO PERFORM AT "ALLSÅNG WITH KALLE MORAEUS" This summer Alexzandra will be joining Kalle Moraeus on stage for the yearly "Allsång med Kalle Moraeus".
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WRITERS' EVENING - EVERYTHING STARTS WITH A SONG Join Alexzandra's master class and explore the craft of songwriting at Writers' Evening. For more information visit our website.
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ALEXZANDRA WICKMAN WITH GRAMMY NOMINATED SANNEX ON TOUR Alexzandra joins the country music show "From Nashville with Cash" made by grammy nomintaed band Sannex in 2019. SWEDISH NATIONAL RADIO P4 COUNTRY Alexzandra is the new host for Swedish National Radio P4´s country music show, with side-kick Kalle Moraeus.


"Your fine tune is dancing away with my heart

And that old bleeding beat up guitar

is taking me back and riding me home

Your fine tune is dancing away with my heart

You’re taking me back to my roots on the wings of a country song"

- Alexzandra Wickman





Alexzandra Wickman is a Swedish recording country music artist, songwriter and Swedish national radio host born and raised on the countryside. She has devoted herself fully to the craft of songwriting and performing.

Alexzandra has independently recorded two full-length albums, one single and two music videos.

In the summer of 2016 Alexzandra became the host for the new country music radio show on Swedish National Radio, P4 Country.

Alexzandra is currently working on her third album and in 2017 she debuted as a songwriter in Swedish song contest "Melodifestivalen" with the song "Himmel och Hav" which she wrote together with Thomas G:son, the song was performed by artist Roger Pontare. In 2018 she returned with the song "Min Dröm" also with Thomas G:son and performed by Kalle Moraeus & Orsa Spelmän.


Alexzandra Wickman was born in Nyköping, Sweden. She grew up in the old industrial community Nävekvarn, Bråvikens gem, with mother Brith and father Nils-Erik. Alexzandra was 8 years old when she discovered the love of writing music.


“It was summer and the lilac arbor stood in full bloom, as were apple trees and amidst all the greenery mama sat with her coffee, turpentine and linseed oil, easel and oil paints. All of it was an "idyll", as my father used to say with love in his voice, when he looked behind the typewriter after writing down another chapter of his novel”, Alexzandra says.


Alexzandra do not remember where she got the idea, it just appeared like a bolt from, that very day, clear blue sky.


"I remember how I suddenly rushed out of my room, in a straw hat and the dress my grandma Lilly gave me for Midsummer, through the kitchen, the hall, out over the gravel, the grass, past my white bunny Snuffe, who curiously jumped after me through the arbor. I shouted happily and excitedly: "Mama! You gotta help me! ", Alexzandra remembers.


When Alexzandra was alone, she was in her own little magical world.


"Dad still tells the story about how he used to stick his head into my room and check if I was alive, because I hadn’t been seen for several hours", she says.


She had devoted herself to creating jewelery, sewing clothes, writing stories, painting pictures, playing the piano, guitar and singing. But nothing had such an impact in her mind as this idea.

And this was an idea that would remain a part of her from that day on.

After this day, everything changed. Now, she could sit in her room for days without getting out except to eat.


"I ate fast, said thank you and left the table. Quick as a weasel, I scurried back into my room again. My friends didn’t see much of me anymore”, Alexzandra says.


On that sunny summer day way back mother Brith began writing on the notepad her daughter had snatched with her on the go.

She wrote: "The swallows are flying high in the blue skies, daisies, poppies so beautiful they stand, they sing in the wind, by the sea. "Thank you mama", Alexzandra said and lovingly took the notebook from her hands and hurried barefoot across the grass, the gravel and into the house. She had already begun writing in her head and had to hurry back to her room to write her first song.

The music were a big part of daily life, her mother played piano, guitar and mandolin and her dad guitar and banjo. They both sang and wrote music. One Christmas when Alexzandra was gonna turn five years old there was a television show to where children could send in their Christmas lists. Among the thousands of letters Alexzandras letter was picked out of a big barrel.


"I had painted a picture of a piano and to my great excitement and delight, a little piano arrived on Christmas. Shortly thereafter, I also got a guitar from mom and dad, and grandpa bought a bigger keyboard a year later", she recalls.


But even though she loved to sing and play other people's compositions and her song books were so down played the pages fell out if you poked at them, they had not managed to capture her full attention until she one summer realized she could write her own songs.


"I had so much I wanted to say. I simply wanted to make music from my own heart, my truth. And when I realized that I could do just that, a new world opened up” - Alexzandra


Alexzandra began to commute to the city of Nyköping for the music class and three years later she moved to Stockholm to attend Stockholm Conservatory of Music for three years. After that, she studied songwriting and music production at the School of Rock in Stockholm for three years and then continued to the Royal College of Music for 4,5 years, where she received a Bachelor degree in Music and Media and a music teacher licens. Now Alexzandra travels back and forth between Stockholm and Nashville to write and perform.